21 professors at one table - the Startup Research BW Dinner 2023

February 24, 2023

As part of the Gründermotor "Research BW" programme, a large number of professors from universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg who conduct research on entrepreneurship and innovation came together for the first time at the "Startup Research BW Dinner" on 15 February 2023. The event was hosted by VECTOR Informatik, whose founder and co-initiator of Gründermotor, Dr. Helmut Schelling, acted as host.

Research BW complements the numerous existing Gründermotor formats for cross-university exchange in start-up promotion with an offer aimed at exchange in research. It was noted that in contrast to the exchange in teaching and transfer activities, there were still no offers for researchers. And this is despite the fact that an exchange in start-up research in Baden-Württemberg suggests a lot of potential for synergies. With Research BW, we want to change that! After the ERA BW network was initiated for young researchers (especially PhD students), there should now be a first meeting specifically for professors. 
We were undoubtedly able to achieve our primary goal of getting together and getting to know all professors in this research area. What we also observed was a lively exchange, a great need for discussion and the initiation of future joint projects. We were very pleased to have made a first step towards closer cooperation in research with the Startup Research BW Dinner. 

Further formats are planned for the future to strengthen this exchange.

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Melanie Minderjahn

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