118 Stuttgart scientists in the top range for citations

December 16, 2021

The latest Stanford/Elsevier database on citations in 2020 shows 190,000 scientists in the top 2% of their field worldwide when it comes to the frequency with which their publications were cited in 2020. 118 of them are (or were) employed at the University of Stuttgart. One of these researchers is Alexander Brem.

In 2019, researchers from Stanford University (Ioannidis et al. 2019) published a ranking of the world's most-cited scholars. This was highly acclaimed for its methodology and scope because it combined various citation indicators calculated based on data from Scopus (Elsevier).

In the most recent edition (dated October 19, 2021), the freely accessible, comprehensive dataset of the Stanford study shows which scholars are among the top 2% of each individual scientific field in terms of citations for 22 disciplines with 176 subfields. The study takes into account the fact that citation densities can vary considerably between individual disciplines – and also makes researchers at the top of their field within a rather low-citation area more visible.

The dataset is published in two versions: one considering all citations between 1996 and 2020 and the other considering only citations in 2020.

118 Stuttgart scientists are among the most cited researchers in the world

The Stanford dataset on citations in 2020 lists a total of 118 scientists from the University of Stuttgart who are among the top 2% of the world’s most cited in their field. They are distributed as follows among 11 (of 22) disciplines:

Discipline Number of scientists at the University of Stuttgart in the top 2%
Biomedical Research 7
Built Environment & Design 2
Chemistry 15
Clinical Medicine 1
Economics & Business 1
Enabling & Strategic Technologies 16
Engineering 21
Information & Communication Technologies 10
Mathematics & Statistics 5
Physics & Astronomy 38
Psychology & Cognitive Sciences 2
Total number 118

Alexander Brem, Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science, is listed for the category Economics & Business. 

Strong individual performances in a global comparison: Top rankings of Stuttgart scientists in terms of citations in 2020

What does it look like numerically to be among the 2% of the world’s most cited people in a field when that 2% includes 190,000 people? We cannot list all 118 scientists of the University of Stuttgart who made it into the “Who's Who” of the top area for citations in 2020. But some examples from different fields of science are given below. 

How to read the table: "Scientist … ranks … out of a total of … most cited scientists worldwide in the field of …"

Wissenschaftler*in belegt Platz ... von weltweit insgesamt...meistzitierten Wissenschaftler*innen im Bereich …
Seifert, Udo 36 von 49117 im Bereich Fluids & Plasmas
Menges, Achim 2 von 1531 im Bereich Architecture
Bulling, Andreas 47 von 14266 im Bereich Human Factors (Psychology &  Cognitive Sciences)
Bürkner, Paul 38 von 15.245 im Bereich Clinical Psychology
Werner, Hans Joachim 52 von 92.738 im Bereich Chemical
Miehe, Stefan 13 von 17.766 im Bereich Applied Mathematics

More names of top-cited scientists can be found following the link below.                                                                                          


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