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amprove receives EXIST Business Start-Up Grant

June 1, 2020

amprove is a development service provider and supplier of high-performance structural components.

To develop the components, the conventional design process is replaced by a simulation-based process chain. This results in geometries tailored to the application, which achieve the highest performance with minimal material usage. In addition, the development time of the components is drastically reduced by eliminating manual design.

On the one hand, amprove can use the process to develop components for high-volume production, such as casting. On the other hand, in cases where the performance of the component is paramount, or small quantities are given, the component can be optimized for 3D printing. The customer benefits, for example, through lower material consumption, improved component properties and secondary effects such as increased travel speed of production equipment due to lightweight construction.

The goal of component optimization can also be to improve thermal properties so that temperature problems are eliminated by the optimized component structure. Depending on the application, the customer benefits, for example, through less wear, higher performance of thermally stressed components and the saving of additional cooling and heat sources.

To identify components with a high optimization potential, amprove offers an upload for CAD data on their website.


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