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Three questions for Matthias Mildt

April 26, 2022

"Three questions for..." is a format of the regularly published newsletter for Startup & Entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart. Here, people from the ecosystem of the University of Stuttgart introduce themselves, report on their experiences with the topic of "startup and entrepreneurship" and reveal tips for people interested in founding a company.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself and your current job.

My name is Matthias Mildt, as an industrial designer, startup builder and startup coach I have been working with and in startups for more than 4 years. At ENI, I work in the field of "Community Management", which is about how we can present the Gründermotor brand as a benefit topic in current - as well as alumni - teams and thus create an attractive Gründermotor seal of approval for startups. 


2. How did you get involved in entrepreneurship?

Immediately after my studies, I worked with teams in and outside of corporations in various innovation formats: advancing, validating and falsifying start-ups, filing patents and constantly learning from project to project.


3. What tip would you give to students who are enthusiastic about founding a company, or who have already taken the first steps towards self-employment?

Before you start, try to validate the product or service as much as possible. To do this, attend accelerators such as ASAP or - depending on how far you are with your project development - the master class. Setting up a business is not that difficult: having the right team and a holistic business model in place is the basis. Until then, there are many ups and downs.


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