First start-up atlas in Baden-Württemberg

October 20, 2021

The Innovation Lab Baden-Württemberg (InnoLab_bw) has for the first time presented an atlas mapping the start-up scene in the Baden-Württemberg region.
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The Innovation Lab Baden-Württemberg (InnoLab_bw), together with the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism (WM) and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK), presented the first Start-up Atlas BW (PDF) on October 11, 2021. This is the first time that a study by InnoLab_bw has mapped the start-up scene in the state.

It is important to further strengthen Baden-Württemberg's start-up ecosystem in order to drive diversification of the economy and to continue to be a global market leader in other innovative business areas in the future. This requires a good information base on the start-up landscape. Hence, an atlas is now available.

Among other things, the Start-up Atlas BW describes sectors and business models, the composition of start-up teams, the effects of the Corona crisis and the funding opportunities in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the Baden-Württemberg ecosystem is situated in a nationwide comparison. Specifically, it can be shown, for example, that analogous to other German states, it is primarily larger cities in Baden-Württemberg that attract startups and that there is a strong B2B customer focus in the state. However, also in Baden-Württemberg, female founders are a minority. Most startups are active in the business fields of software, medicine and industry. 


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