2nd Stuttgart Innovation Award presented

October 24, 2023

The Stuttgart Innovation Award in the categories Mobility, Digitalisation, Sustainability & Social Issues and Start-up was awarded for the second time on 18 October. The prizes are each endowed with 25,000 euros.

Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper said: "Stuttgart was and is a city of innovation. And Stuttgart must remain a city of innovation. Gottlieb Daimler, Robert Bosch and Ferdinand Porsche were great innovators in their time. Today, Stuttgart - city and region - has great innovative power as a centre of research and development. With the Innovation Award of the State Capital Stuttgart, we want to send out a strong signal. With it, we want to honour innovative strength and inspire and encourage pioneering and inventive spirit, creativity and the joy of innovation." According to Nopper, the conditions in Stuttgart are perhaps particularly good because there is a close interaction between research in companies and that at scientific institutions.

It is precisely in difficult and uncertain times that we need innovations. And innovations need confidence, courage and optimism - critical and vigilant optimism. Our Innovation Award is intended to give courage for the future, to encourage economic and scientific commitment.

Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper


Mahle chargeBIG GmbH won an award in the "Mobility" category for its innovation of an intelligent and grid-serving charging infrastructure solution. With the Mahle chargeBig product solution, parking areas can be equipped with a large number of charging points for electric cars with significantly reduced investment and operating costs. The Mahle chargeBIG innovation is based on the existing infrastructure and can extract the maximum charging power with intelligent charging management. This makes the product solution unique on the market.

The prize in the "Sustainability & Social" category went to Coperion GmbH for the innovation "ZS-B MEGAfeed side feeder", a newly developed unit that makes the recycling of light voluminous plastic fibres and flakes significantly more economical. This innovation can make a major contribution to the circular economy. The aggregate offers the possibility to integrate more recycled materials into the production process of new plastics.

The prize in the category "Digitalisation" was awarded to Flip GmbH. The company has developed an app that is specifically aimed at operational employees, i.e. those who do not sit at their desk in their office every day and are digitally connected to their own company via their laptop. Formerly analogue processes, such as the creation and transmission of shift schedules, holiday planning or new work instructions, can be done digitally and thus be significantly simplified.

The prize in the "Start-up" category goes to Printoptix GmbH for its innovation of a 3D-printed micro camera lens. The lenses no longer need their own mount, are very small and can also be applied in places that are difficult to access. Thus, the Printoptix solution can be used in extremely small camera applications, for example.


City of Ideas - Home of Progress

Under the motto "City of Ideas - Home of Progress", the state capital Stuttgart launched the Stuttgart Innovation Award in 2021. The award, which is endowed with a total of 100,000 euros, will be presented for the second time this year. The prize is awarded in four categories to players in Stuttgart's economy who are helping to shape the future with exemplary, innovative ideas. Solutions were sought that show a clear improvement over previous applications, contribute to strengthening the economy and have a positive effect on the common good. The jury of the Stuttgart Innovation Award met under the chairmanship of Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper and selected the nominees for the Stuttgart Innovation Award 2023 from more than 110 applications.

The prizes were presented by Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper, Danilo Jovicic-Albrecht, winner of the 1st Stuttgart Innovation Award and Managing Director of Vialytics GmbH, Elisabeth Brandau, Olympian and entrepreneur, and Shirin Frangoul-Brückner, founder and Managing Director of Atelier Brückner.

source: stuttgart.de

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