Frugal innovations: Developing product and process innovations

August 20, 2022

Joint event with the VDI at CODE_n.
[Picture: CODE_n]

At the event "Developing product and process innovations" in the CODE_n Innovation SPACES, the committed and interested participants took advantage of their opportunity and asked the top-class experts their questions on the topic of frugal innovation.

In two interactive exercises, the participants learned a lot about the development of frugal products - based on the conception of a vehicle for the Indian market - and about frugal engineering - the development of a "minimally viable" product or prototypes with specific requirements and limitations.The content of the event was organised by Liza Wohlfahrt (Fraunhofer IAO) and Dr. Uwe Schleinkofer (Fraunhofer IPA).

Prof. Brem from ENI, together with Dr. Nivedita Agarwal, reported on the topic of "Frugality as a lifestyle" and "Developing frugal products". Fortunately, many new contacts and cooperations resulted from the event, which ended the evening with a delicious meal.

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