Call for Papers: The Role of Technological Innovation for Pandemic Fighting - The Case of COVID-19

9. Februar 2021

Call for Papers of the International Journal of Technology Management

Articles need to basically emphasize what roles technological innovations play and how technological innovations matter to the reduction of COVID-19, with relevant subjects welcomed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Indigenous technological innovation activities and implications to address COVID-19.

  • Collaborative technological innovation for COVID-19.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on science and technological innovation, and how the main technological innovation

    actors (organizations, industries, and states) respond to tackle the COVID-19.

  • The role of emerging technological innovations for COVID-19 reduction.

  • Technological innovation strategy for tackling COVID-19.

  • The aspects of performance that technological innovations play to face and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,

    e.g., economics, environment, industrial regime, social development.

  • Technological innovation for COVID-19 reduction from widely discussed innovation perspectives, e.g., innovation

    systems, socio-technical system, open innovation, emerging technologies and governance, digital innovation,

    responsible innovation, innovation ecosystem, among others.

  • Technological innovations for COVID-19 reduction in the context of countries' comparisons, or the relevant

    geographical contexts of developed countries and emerging countries.

    Therefore, the special issue positions the above-mentioned issues, and claims that technological innovation (e.g., emerging technologies, industrial 4.0, and digitalization) is not just a technical fix for COVID-19 reduction, but also a driving force or a transformative engine for the mega social challenge triggered by COVID pandemic. It positions to contribute insights to the innovation literature, particular regarding the rare grand challenge context COVID pandemic, and output meaningful practical implications to the main stakeholders in technological innovation activities embedded in the COVID pandemic context, including technological creator, technology adopters, technology accepter, industrial practitioner, and relevant policymakers.

Guest Editors:

Prof. Jin Chen, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Chang Chieh (CC) Hang, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Alexander Brem, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Research Assistant Prof. Liang Mei, National School of Development, Peking University, China

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