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Visit of a delegation of American Council on Germany in Stuttgart

22. Juni 2022

From June 19 to June 25, 2022, a 21-person delegation of Germans and Americans visited Stuttgart, Heidelberg, and Mainz as part of the third round of exchanges of the ACG’s Transatlantic Cities of Tomorrow: Digitalization and the Future of Work initiative.
[Bild: American Council on Germany]

The cohort of education and workforce development administrators, entrepreneurs and innovation experts, representatives from economic development agencies, municipal associations, and city and state governments expanded on their experiences from their U.S. trip in April.

Following the two week-long visits to the United States and Germany and based on lessons learned, the participants have identified a number of initiatives to potentially implement in their home communities as well as areas of collaboration between their communities both regionally and across the Atlantic. The participants will now develop community action plans to continue the engagement of everyone and to help ensure that there is a tangible impact from the exchanges in the participating communities.

The next round of reciprocal exchanges will take place in September and December 2022 and will include Philadelphia, Trenton, and Newark/Jersey City in the United States, as well as Schwerin, Rostock, and Hamburg in Germany.

Transatlantic Cities of Tomorrow: Digitalization and the Future of Work is organized and administered by the American Council on Germany with generous support from the Transatlantic Program of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through funds of the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action(BMWK).

Source: American Council on Germany

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