New editorship for IEEE Engineering Management Review (EMR)

10. Januar 2023

How do we translate academic research into managerial practice? This is a long-standing question in engineering and technology management. For this, journals like Academy of Management Perspectives, Business Horizon, MIT Sloan Management Review, and California Management Review offer a channel from universities to companies. In this vein, IEEE TEMS has its IEEE Engineering Management Review as its premier outlet for the research and practice of engineering, technology, and innovation management with a tradition of more than fifty years of publishing. EMR has built a reputation for high-quality, evidence-based practice-oriented publications. There are multiple types of publications ranging from short vignettes from industry practitioners to long detailed and research inclusive studies that are published. Articles offers evidence-based impact on managerial practice. This evidence can be research based or originating from own experience.

From January 2023, Prof. Brem takes over the responsibility for the Journal as Editor-in-Chief.

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