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Three questions for Kathrin Lichius

July 22, 2022

"Three questions for..." is a format of the regularly published newsletter for Startup & Entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart. Here, people from the ecosystem of the University of Stuttgart introduce themselves, report on their experiences with the topic of "startup and entrepreneurship" and reveal tips for people interested in founding a company.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself and your current job.

My name is Kathrin Lichius. I have been working at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science as a research assistant since May. At the institute, I am working on the Elements4Founding project together with Marcel Werle.  The goal of the project is to develop and implement a holistic, sustainable approach to raising awareness and qualification of PhD students and post-docs for the topic of entrepreneurship within three years, starting in summer 2022. My goal is to do a PhD in Entrepreneurship Education at the Institute.

Before I started here at the Institute, I worked in a 136 year old start-up... I last worked in product strategy at Mercedes-Benz AG shaping the vehicle concepts of the future. Other stations in my resumé were project management in development at Mercedes as well as a project manager position for a development aid project of the organization Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. in Kenya. I also work as a lecturer for agile project management. 

Besides working at the institute, my 3 small children keep me well occupied.


2. How did you get involved in entrepreneurship?

Companies are also currently trying to implement a more entrepreneurial mindset. As part of my MBA in Engineering Management, I had the opportunity to come into contact with the start-up world.


3. What tip would you give to students who are enthusiastic about founding a company, or who have already taken the first steps towards self-employment?

Take advantage of the many opportunities that the University of Stuttgart offers in the field of entrepreneurship. Take the first step, come to one of the events and see for yourself. Everything you learn there will help you on your further career path, no matter what it looks like.



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