The fifth EXIST Pitch Round Table - powered by ENI

December 8, 2021

On December 6, 2021, the fifth ENI Pitch Round Table took place - an event where startup teams that are about to apply for the EXIST grant or need honest feedback on their idea have the opportunity to pitch their idea in front of experts and other teams at a similar stage with no time restrictions. The event was guided by Marcel Werle and Ilya Shapiro from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research, Bettina Banaj from TTI GmbH and Nisha Di Giorgio from Stuttgart Media University.

This time, Ioannis from "Aisthesis Medical" was given the chance to start: with his team, he is developing an AI-based system that monitors patient data before, during and after surgery and supports the anesthesiologist with a clean display and warnings. After the highly professional pitch, there was extensive feedback from Marcel Werle and Ilya Shapiro, addressing even more detailed and understandable presentation of the solution and customer validation, funding opportunities, and various aspects of data and hardware.

Next, Julian and Fabian from "Outwaiter" were allowed on the microphone. They are trying to make the ordering process not only easier, but also cheaper for innkeepers and restaurateurs, as well as their servers and customers. For this purpose, they are developing an app for order processing. In the feedback session that followed, the already well-stocked market, problem-solution fit, storytelling in presenting problems, and financial aspects were discussed with valuable inputs from Nisha Di Giorgio and Bettina Banaj, who are experienced in this segment.

Finally, it was the turn of Jan, Lisa and Kenny from the "HEVEN" team: their goal is to revolutionize green hydrogen production. Honest feedback was given on better presentation, clearer problem and solution definition and explanation, big players as competition, revenue streams and business concept as well as the ecological value of the solution.

Did we catch your interest? Do you have a team that is about to apply for funding and/or needs honest feedback? Then feel free to contact us! The Pitch Round Table will continue to take place monthly.



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