Studying "Entrepreneurship": Competence field starts in winter semester

July 15, 2021

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science is further expanding the range of courses offered at the University of Stuttgart.

Starting in the upcoming winter semester 2021/22, students of the master's programs "M.Sc. BWL" and "M.Sc. BWL, t. o." will be able to participate in three modules of the new competence field "Entrepreneurship".

Module 1 (6 LP; Language: German; Start: WiSe 2021/22)

The two courses (lecture and exercise) "Entrepreneurship: From R&D to Start-Up" of the first module are offered every winter semester. In this course, students learn about the most important issues surrounding the start-up process of R&D-oriented companies. The phase-specific aspects and tasks that arise in the context of entrepreneurship are highlighted. The lecture focuses on the scientific basics, while the exercise takes a practical look at the involvement of entrepreneurs and the associated partners in the ecosystem.

Module 2 (6 LP; language: German and English; start: SoSe 2022).

Every summer semester, starting in 2022, the second module from the competence field will also be offered. In the lecture "Entrepreneurial Finance", the challenges regarding the financing of new businesses and start-ups will be presented and discussed in detail. In addition, students have the option to choose between two different exercises. The aim for the students is to work out and understand the start-up process from a market-driven perspective ("Market-driven Entrepreneurship") or from a technological perspective ("Technology-driven Entrepreneurship").

Seminar module (6 LP; language: English; start: summer semester 2022)

The new competence field is completed with the English-language "Entrepreneurship Seminar", which will be offered every semester starting in the summer semester 2022. In this seminar, students will work on current research trends and topics in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The main objective is an in-depth look into empirical-analytical methods, the successful development of one's own research project and the ability to implement it effectively.

Registration for the courses for the upcoming winter semester will take place at the start of registration on 01.10.2021 at 8 am. Furthermore, other courses are in the pipeline for which the competence field will be opened: Stay tuned!

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