Lunch Challenge: Final rehearsal of the Awake StartUp Teams (at the University of Stuttgart)

December 3, 2021

The Lunch Challenge is an important event of the Awake Start-Up course, where participants can present their idea for the first time in front of a selection of experienced jury members and have to parry critical questions.

The event took place on 01.12.2021, with the aim to give StartUp teams the opportunity to measure themselves under competitive conditions & get supportive feedback from experienced jury members. In addition, the Lunch Challenge serves as an orientation guide for students for supplementary as well as further partner programs on the topic of entrepreneurship in Stuttgart. The event was organized as part of the course „Awake - Become a Startup in six weeks“ of the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Science.

The Lunch Challenge Event serves as a final rehearsal for the final Demo Night for the early-stage teams. At the beginning, the teams were shown various offers of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science, which can support you in different areas if you are interested. However, the focus of the event was the pitches. To be able to guarantee the teams an outside perspective & an unbiased evaluation process, experienced, external jury members were invited. These included Sophia Hess (Gründermotor), Ruben Maier (Steinbeis), Andrea Brendle and Bettina Banaj (TTI) as well as Dr. Mirja Meyborg (ENI), Stephan Töllers (Gründermotor) and Niklas Kiefl (Arena2036). The jury members heard exciting pitches on a variety of topics. Among others on: emotional support through empathic artificial intelligence (AiYFA) to sustainably designed self-assembling design furniture (Hylo Technolgies).

In summary, the teams were able to gain some valuable insights into partner programs and benefit from feedback from the jury members. They can now look forward to Demo Night with a sharpened perspective and new input. 


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Melanie Minderjahn

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