AWAKE Demo Day - Successful completion of "AWAKE – Become a Startup in six weeks“

July 4, 2024

On June 27, teams presented their innovative business ideas at the AWAKE Demo Day in the frei[raum].

Over the course of six weeks, the participants in the interdisciplinary key qualification (FüSQ) "AWAKE - Become a startup in six weeks" came together in a total of eleven teams and developed exciting ideas, which they then pitched to a large audience at frei[raum].

This semester, the teams had the choice between the main topics "Solutions for small companies and businesses", "Solutions for leisure, education and careers" and "Solutions for mobility".

Four teams developed solutions for small companies and businesses and presented a modular subscription model with voice recognition for tradespeople, sustainable use of used tires, an app for property managers and an idea for heat recovery.

The pitches on solutions for leisure, education and careers were also very diverse. The ideas pitched ranged from a solution to make better use of free sports fields to training plans adapted to the female menstrual cycle and a way to individualize education.

Four teams also presented solutions for mobility, highlighting different areas. They presented an efficient seaplane for the transportation of heavy loads, a solution for staff shortages at airports, a concept for improving the carbon footprint of ski resorts and a cut-proof airbag to protect against break-ins in cars.

Each team received individual feedback and advice on how to proceed from the jury, consisting of Björn Brenner from NXTGN, Gertrud Edith Schmitt from TTI GmbH and Marius Zimmermann from NOVAZOON GmbH.

Finally, the audience used the applause barometer to select the winning team "beyond education", which aims to individualize education. Their prize was a green mobility solution in the shape of a longboard and a green card for the ASAP BW final.

The FüSQ "AWAKE - Become a startup in six weeks" takes place every year and is open to students from all degree programs.

You can find more offers on the topic of start-ups here.



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